Sorry Nana

by Desir

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Sorry Nana is an EP in three parts.

This EP is an apology to my sixty year old grandmother who has been struggling since the 60's to cope with the changing face of America and what it means to be an American. From racial integration (and my mother marrying a black man) when she was younger, to the emergence (some might argue reemergence) of freak culture. The fight for gay rights. The deconstruction and potential dissolution of gender binaries. The new assault on capitalism and its ills etc. are all too much for my Nana's constitution, but god bless her heart it isn't going to stop or even slow down.
Part one (Marla) is a brief biographical account, via veritable glossolalia, of the events that have shaped my schema with regards to rapping. Both Verite and Oysters offer a glimpse into the things that embolden the gusto with which I brandish the middle finger at the paradigms explored in parts 2 and 3.
Part two (Dionysus Defamed) is an exploration of my take on normative socio-sexual behavior in America. The largest concept I wanted to capture was the seemingly inherent mutual objectification found in dating and monogamy and the inconsistency of partner expectations between the two genders. I also tried to play with the idea of hedonism as blasphemy, a great societal spurning of the old orgiastic Dionysian model.
Part three (Deigning to Dabble) begs the question, "if all of these societal inequities (economical, sexual, racial) are 'normative' who would dare participate in society? and how could that participation not contradict personal ethics?" The answer, it seems, is to call it as it is. If you are the philandering misogynist then wear a bright name tag and only hunt those who want to be objectified.


released February 1, 2013

Major thanks to Josh Bechard, and Jeremy Keohane for their contributions in the beat department. Special thanks to Chris Daniele and Yucky studios for the great (and speedy) work on producing this EP. Thanks to Dro Brown and Vera Goodwin-Brown for serving, often, as my muses and contributing their talent to the project. Special shout out to Earl Milleringston, Scumbag snacks and Azrok for helping me get my lazy ass off the couch and into the studio.Thanks to my Mother and sisters for making me give a damn about Dionysus. And thank you Nana for the years of protection, I'm damned if I ain't sorry.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Desir California

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Track Name: Vérité (Marla)
The truth hurts catch me laughing on the stretcher.
Mom's picture smiles up nervous from the dresser.
Word to the rill shrill laugh of Fran Drescher,
if you can't change your ass fudge the math to impress her.
The truth is that we're all a bunch of geniuses
unique snowflakes and phoenixes. My penis is
a perpetual motion machine a stream. This is
my consciousness.
Word to the hostages honest miss I'm just on some Pocahontas shit.
White man kidnapped me to dance for his conglomerates.
I'm sicker than Vonnegut so go ahead and vomit with
the speed of sonic and the heat of a comet. Trick
daughters in the slaughter house bent off gin and tonic dick.
Hip schtick cuz the whiskey wouldn't do
I got frisky with a few, they kissed me and I chewed
my way through another heart. Spray tan graffiti on the mother's art.
Do my penance speedy when the druthers start.
Trying to fix the moral compass on my shiny metal hover cart and
we all want our 15 minutes of infamy.
So drop it to the floorboards and sin for me with sympathy.

I Don't want love I want shoves.
When push came I stiff armed with white gloves.
So tell me bout your major, all of your favorite flavors
here's some alcohol let's savor the sabbath before the seder.

I used to blow more lines than nervous actors,
in powder rooms servicing daughters of benefactors.
I'd upend them then forget to bend them back after
they'd be crawling on the ceiling like possessed kids pre-pasteur.
Nowadays I'm a brasher acid tabster
looking for faster fatherless bastards.
Pops is black as midnight.
Moms was alabaster.
Michael's in the middle playing fiddle with no master.
I'm from,
musty mattresses
lusting busty actresses
bustin funky back flips with
no desire to pass the fifth,
Vomiting turns me into a pacifist
and home-girl's an activist
so imma go get after it.
After split quick, thorough as Henry David.
Fronting like life's a game even though I can't save it.
Track Name: Oysters (Marla's Son sees) FT. Dro Brown
I'm perspicacious, just like Admiral Ackbar.
Playing baccarat for apple jacks fuck wack rap stars.
Eatin cocoa butter off my wracked and whipped back scars,
I packed a lip, hacked and spit my soul out on black tar.
We are not the same, I'm ambidextrous.
Used to slap roaches with both hands at breakfast.
Next it's trips uptown in Nana's Lexus,
get dumped in the slums after grandpops flexed his,
plastic biceps mastercard and visa.
Drastic high steps over moaning Mona Lisas.
He's zoning out the creatures,
groaning drones whose features
bemoan the broke beakers
under the game's bleachers.
the worst slice of the American Pie Chart,
shot in black and white and repackaged as high art.
Souls on layaway at generation Y mart.
Life's a dead end, stop running? Nah why start?
Track Name: Dionysus Defamed FT. Vera Goodwin-Brown
I'm terrified of these birds.
I'm very high and I serve,
slick schtick and dick
yeah this that and the third.
I'm gift wrapped with the nerve
to front like I'm not absurd.
My package is intact; the content's disturbed.
As my cock thickens
like plot from Dickens
I jerk with spicy chickens
down the block from sit-ins.
Dionysus renamed, these retrained wiccans,
free love and D-cups to detain victims.
This song's for CJ said he liked the way I sing,
let me talk about the 3-ways without making conscience sting.

We called them whores to keep em churnin' out babies
lazy lazy
We called em sluts to hurt their job options
cheap talkin talkin
We've made objects of vessels,
what a concept to wrestle.
Patriarchs lock up your daughters, and arm your sons.

Back From the Banger.
Heart of Chambers thumped & we humped as distant strangers.
My blistered sister said that lust is born of anger,
type of stuff to make your crush crush Jesus in his manger.
Met Dionysus with disgust; I defamed her.
Just tryna stay in front of the field like Rodney Danger.
Good grief this idiomatic speech
got idiots on the wall, driving me up the street
to the beach house
where I brought her freak out.
Desire's so strong that I'd rather not speak bout.


Aw sheesh! Desire bears thiefs.
Creeps off the street with their hands up your sheets
demand relief from Vagina Dentata,
looking for love but Apollo's left nada.
Hakuna Matata, women as pinatas
prada purses placating the rosters.
Reagan babies all throwing up the shocker
streamers and screamers in the home-team locker.
I just want to stay behind your Franz like Kafka,
tie both your hands and replace you with imposters.
Track Name: Finesse FT. Dro Brown
Back Dancing again
Jack Brought a Jill; I'm romancing her friend.
Soft shoe backwards, advancing again
says she's likes tigers so I'm Bagger Vanceing her then.
And, uh, I'm a charmer Ma'am.
Hotter than a farmer's tan
sour face at bars and then
stay sweeter than some marzipan
or biscottis. Four Swiss hotties
poor rich gaudy things with sick bodies
and hip shoddy scratches, that's what her claws bring.
Even in bad weather stay fly like Ryan Gosling.
You're a bird if I'm a bird. Pornos that I'm pausing
rewinding and causing let the applause ring. She
don't know herself and wonders if I read the spark notes.
Read the book front to black laughed till my heart broke.
Spit it as art folks. All these yellow hearts yoked
together in a scramble served with nametags and flat coke.
And I just want to shake hands and fake the carbonation
make plans and take snake fans for adulation.
I'm glad you're making
plans with this Haitian
My familial relations had me sleep talkin' with Satan.
Life's a race the finish line's a vacation.
Catch me pacin' patient running cool as Jamaicans.
Mother Earth's a vamper Imma stick my wood stake in;
brace her in a hallway and prepare for earthquakin'.
How's that for an Oedipal complex?
Eating edible thongs off of curves that's convex.
Shiny baubles calm my nerves and bomb sex
drives Desir's desire for more verbs and context.

Dro Brown-
Track Name: Socratic Apollojeez
I choke chicks for groups of focused locusts
and turn it into beauty like hocus pocus.
These cuties just rabbits post hats and smoke if
mirrors don't make them clearer I'll wax crass and bogus.
Mention hounds-tooth fixed wheels and cassette decks
sex next, don't call back till she text vexed like,
"Listen here Desir, you're bout to get your neck stretched".
Aw heck Beth, y'know that I lust you to death bet.
But honest love you can really save your breath.
The beast with two backs ain't got nothing in its chest.
This oft stressed love thing is all done in jest
so keep your files zipped up and your zipper decompressed.
she gave me average head while I played the bad guy
fucked her face stuffed her plate ate pad thai.
She's a gadfly and eek gads she's mad high
high times with herbs, honkys, rakes what a sad prize

I cross my eyes, don't want to see straight.
Kabuki masks and spooky tasked cheapskates
feminist sluts from Tufts stuff the beefcakes
muddled in rust these muggles trust a police state.
Rather eat the veggies than get a piece of the cheesecake
blind lead the snipers and I just aim to please mate
catch me with the un-mailed rebates
warrants in three states
kids'll say he's great.

took your back and broke it.
you lent me your ears and I bit off the lobes shit.
Spinning webs with eight legs, dancing for flys.
Fuck them with my words and romance em with my eyes.
Guys! She's mom's cutest
well dressed nudist.
Bob on her head afro on her Mons Pubis.
And me? I'm just light skinneded albino
writing skits about old hookers at the gyno.
And love is blind so
what the fuck do I know?
Eyes pop out my head at every girl that's fine though.
I'm still weirder than Hieronymus Bosch.
Online late looking for an anonymous toss.
Honest to gosh man I wish I could stop it,
bust my load when I put my toad in her wet sprocket.
I'll get my lean on until my spleen's gone
take one hundred fifteen for the team and the theme song

Track Name: Deigning to Dabble (Dad, I'm The Shit!)
Go to sleep with the next day's spliff rolled.
Cuz I went back to the future but I missed what Biff told.
The bad guys get out McFly'd and Rick Rolled
still manage not to give two fucks about sins toll.
We slime birds till their spines swerve like sine curves.
Nine words make them make our adjective nouns verb.
Tragic clowns serve Sambo shuffles,
Tryna magic frowns into Lambos and truffles.
Well damn Rambo where'd your archetypal man go?
No plan so we bang em in the back of the van bro.
Staying on white girls like Abercrombie V-necks,
Lady Liberty eye fucked me first so she's next.
I'll stuff her anus like Nameth when the pre-text
is fourth and long intercourse then bongs and std checks.
Use hyperbole to make it new material
in the old country running for my Life cereal.
And I'm ethereal, strong but gone quickly.
Bang the gong sickly ask the blonde that absconds with me.
I'm gone with the,
wind and your daughter
gin and the rights to the town's drinking water.

My whole generation's angry that's why we call our parties ragers.
In love with plastic Barbies yeah the gaudy come in flavors.
If you want your dream car you just gotta starve your neighbor,
and trade your angst in for ego contextual sexual favors.
Brave new girls all raised on intellect,
dissuaded and jaded and perfect and into sex.
I wanted her hole she wanted the whole soul of me.
Offered it to her orally she denied me categorically.
So I fucked her in the bed and the bath and beyond that.
Slapped her red ass in the lawn with a long fat,
yadda yadda. Defiled the Prima Donna,
persona non grata post coitus and Coolattas.
Said she wants my kids.
I told her to bring her bib,
she could get em on her chest her dress or her wig.
Plus she owes a rib
and I'm just a hungry pig
Stuff my mouth with the apple and roast me for the kids.
And that's not sexist that's science,
word to the West Texas board of compliance.
The world's small and I'm bored with the giants,
So I'll fake a little death like whores do with clients.
Track Name: Spicy February
Be wary when the beat's at its mellowest,
that's when Yo Yo Ma gets played like a cello it's
clear to see that the fella gets
previously celibate delegates selling votes for Coachella tix.
I'm in a moat smoking hella spliffs.
All hopes of castles are irrelevant you elephants
in the room won't find another groom so eloquent.
My element? Crime scenes ridden with hidden evidence.
You're sick? I'm irreverent,
got medicine malevolent details down deeper than the devil went.
Keep a girl with a Longbottom like Neville bent
over bathroom sinks in section 8 tenements.
I'm so restless,
awake since Lewinsky showed her breasts'
and Rodney King got cardiac arrested.
Broken bottles and bitches be detested
by broken models of men lord never invested in.
Marla's son comes highly requested,
mean genes lean and esteemed you guessed it.
I'll take a little beat underground and molest it
that's sex with A minor doesn't matter how you stretch it.

I don't want to hear how you cried during Roots
or supplied love to troops in knitted and knocked boots.These
demon kids rock fitteds and scissor truth
throwing paper in littered booths it's so damn couth. You
crass rats on your rafts don't get it.
I'm prophetic.
The Fed's a private bank we should dead it
fore ya soul get repossessed from poor credit.
Minutemen coming like Umass Athletics. The
Revolution will be cast from the last mast
sinking ship stretching from California to Mass Ave.
Could do the task with a flask and a gas mask
fast math at half past the last laugh
Fuck hubris this star-child'll chew this
world into pieces leave scraps for the Buddhists.
Forgive them pops they know precisely what they do it's
Hell on earth and I'm just tryna stay cool bitch.